• #AKACON Spring 2022 will bring together over 40 specialised vendors and artists to the Beenleigh Event Centre and Beenleigh Town Centre to provide you with the best anime and pop culture merchandise.

  • Youtuber Panels, Idol Performances, Anime Violin, Cosplay panels, and more!

    Don't miss out on the amazing entertainment coming to AKACON Spring 2022.

  • Come and show your favourite cosplay as we take over the local streets for the cosplay parade or try your luck in the cosplay competition. If you're interested in learning more about cosplay you can attend one of our educational and entertainment panels.

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  • While your enjoying AKACON be sure to get a photo to remember your experience at the AKACON photo booth, check out the consoles provided by Australian Esports League, or try your luck at DDR or the claw machine filled with anime goodies.

Bloom with us!

We're taking over the city for our Spring anime and pop cutlure festival.

  • Emirichu

    Emirichu, is an American YouTuber storytime animator, illustrator, comedian and voice actor. Her art is characterised by her anime-style illustrations, and her animation memes.

    Be sure to come see her digital panel alongside Daidus!

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  • Daidus

    "Squid up? no, Squid Neutral!" ~ Daidus is an American YouTube storytime animator, illustrator, comedian and voice actor with over 1. million subscribers. His art is characterised by his cartoon/anime illustrations. DOn't miss his digital panel!

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  • Sydsnap

    Sydsnap, is an American youtuber mainly known for her anime-related and japanese pop culture related content. Sydsnap is making her AKACON debut in spring 2022 with a digital panel. Don't miss out on your chance to ask your burning questions!

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  • Melody Parade

    Melody Parade! is an Idol girl group based in the sunshine state, and the River City, Brisbane, Australia. They sing, dance and shine brightly! Their performances are definitely going to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face!

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  • MC Quinny

    David "Quinny" Quinn is a performer, writer and artist who has appeared for nearly fifteen years as a host for AKACON, Supanova, SMASH, Madfest, Gamma-Con, Haven Expo and more! He's also a long time film critic, both solo and with The Periodic Table of Awesome!

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    KATEI is a young classically trained rock violinist who is recognised as one of Asia’s most exuberant and unconventional artists that has even Beethoven rocking in his grave.

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    Legendary cosplayer and prop maker BECOSPLAY will be presenting a panel on PRop Making with EVA FOAM. Be sure to not miss out on this oppurtunity to level up your cosplay!

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  • Twerkin Gherkin πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

    Twerkin Gherkin has
    been a proud member of the cosplay community for over a decade, acquiring new
    levels of experience with each year as well as an ever-increasing love for the craft. Throughout her cosplay career she's had her gorgeous wife by her side, assisting whenever she can. Be sure to see her at the Pride Panel!

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  • Dazzlemebree πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

    Dazzlemebree is a newly acquainted Brisbane-based Cosplayer whom recently moved from Townsville to join in on the cosplay community here in Brisbane. She has been cosplaying since late 2016 she has gone on to win Overall Champion of Oz Comic Con Homegrown Brisbane for 2022. Be sure to come see her at the pride panel!

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  • Des Prince Earl πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

    Des has been involved with the cosplay community for over 5 years and was introduced to gender identity through his cosplay friends.
    Through his gender journey he has achieved fitness and body goals through anime and cosplay inspiration, using Pop Culture influences such as DBZ, MHA, Marvel and DC for motivation. Returning for the Pride panel!

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  • Chris Kunde (@Memoirsofabeardedocsplayer) πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

    "I have been cosplaying and attending cons for the past 6 years and mainly specialise in crossplay and genderbend costumes. I enjoy crossplay and genderbend as it lets me be as creative as i want to be whilst educating others and pushing the boundaries on costumes. "

    Chris is returning for the pride panel at AKACON Spring 2022! Be sure to not miss out on this heartwarming and inpirational panel!

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  • Technically Idols

    Technically Idols are a SEQ based Love Live! cosplay dance group
    devoted to bringing the characters you know and love to life and sharing their
    passion for idols.Β 

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  • Death Musume

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  • Seiryou Process

    A brand new Australian idol group, Seiryou Process!! Ready your light sticks and reach
    for the stars for SeiPro β˜† we can't wait to shine with
    you all!!!! β™‘

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  • Untitled Stage

    A new idol group set to make their debut at AKACON SPrign 2022!

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